Ok soo obviously i haven’t been posting as regularly as i should be but im taking a brief hiatus. OH NOOO. AGAIN? WHY ME? calm down. OK. I just need a creative break, if that makes sense, some time to get the juices flowing and all that good stuff. Ill be back soon. Bigger, and Better.

until then…

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Sweet Tooth


Brooke Candy for Stylelikeu. I live. The end.

peep her tumblr for more gooey Brookeness .

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Music Spotlight: Rob Roy

About a year ago is when I discovered this rare breed of talent. If Eminem and Nas had a spontaneous love child, he would go by the name of Rob Roy. From Jacksonville, Florida, Rob has a very interesting and exciting flow I’ve been looking for in a fairly new artist. Check out one of my favorite songs from him, “Fur in My Cap

Also Check out “Carmencita

Definitely someone to look out for. His vision is insane.

And he did a collaboration with Love Brigade and Converse.

His debut album “King Warrior Magician Lover” is the truth and then some. Download it here

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Introducing : James Long

Beauty was its name. James’ play on texture and color gave this line its playful darkness. I need all of these looks damnit. I absolutely gagggged at the first coat, I need it in my soul, like yesterday. Brilliance has a first name, its J-A-M-E-S.

James Long A/W 2011. No games were played.

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Feel it.


I stumbled upon this video just a few minutes ago and fell in love with the choreography instantly… feel it.

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Soo.. here’s what you missed and shit.

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51 Days Later

Its been 51 whole days since we last spoke, and i am thoroughly apologetic for my absence. My life has been in a constant whirlwind good and bad, but I wont go into detail. But the  following things have prevented me from posting since the last.

College Exams / Studying / Lost CAMERA / Winter Break / No Internet / Laptop Malfunctioning / Phone Stolen / Teenage Angst

but life goes on, and it did.

Now im back to mildy entertain you swell folks with self obsessed pictures and blah blah blah…

In other words…Im back bitches

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