Ah hemmm…  my sweet friend Fall has finally arrived, and unexpectedly too. Last week we had temps in the High 80’s Low 90’s so when Monday hit and the chill came i almost sharted on myself. Fall is definitely my second favorite season (behind winter of course). The Fall allows light layers, expanded color schemes, and the leeway of some late summer gear, and i fucking love it. I’m soo excited for this years season, i have a lot of new things to try, and discard.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 1 Out: D.I.Y Bleached Jean Vest: Thrift / Grey Hoodie: DC / Black Jeans: Hot Topic / Boots: Doc Marten / Fur Trapper Hat: Thrift / Belt: Who Knows? / Heap of Buttons: Roommate/Elsewhere

Day 2 Out: Leather Jacket: Thrift / Striped Shirt: PacSun / Plaid Shirt: Arizona / Infinity Scarf: H&M / Ankh: Bubba House / Khakis: PacSun / Boots: Goodwill / Watch: Aldo / Bangle: Thrift

Day 3 Out: Harem Shorts: Zara / Black Shirt: American Apparel / Fur Collar: Grandma / Blazer: Thrift / Black Pendant: Zara / Cross Necklace: Etsy / Fedora: H&M / Boots: Doc Marten / Shades: Urban Outfitters


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18 ans. homme fatale.
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One Response to F E L L

  1. Frankyj says:

    YESSS lil broski! =)

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