Previously I stated that it was our homecoming… that was an understatement. It was THE homecoming. Trending topics on twitter and everything. Celeb’s were dying to experience it too, so you can say it was kinda like a big deal. Being the slight anti-social that I am, I didnt go to alllll the events and allll the parties and such. Francois was just a snapping tho, well for the most part, only got about 100 pics from the whole week. WOMP. So heres a few pics and deets of my first college homecoming experience.

First things first ill eat your brains there was the Homecoming Fashion Show. Couldn’t really take pics there because of the hectivity but I can say that my organization did looooads better than Them Who Must Not Be Named. We (Couture Productions) had an after party at a local spot called Heaven.  Needless to say it was packed.

These lovely ladies: Yves, ???, and Ngozi (i usually remember names but i plum forgot)

Fellow Couturians Calvin, Jessica, Marq, and Evan


Tasha was white chocolate wasted the WHOLE NIGHT.

p.s. it too me 2.5 hours to bleach, alter, and shred the back of that shirt.

Amazons Juston and Nori.

After the party a few, well group of us decided to go to Jakes diner, didnt get good pics there because we had a damn hoot of a time.

The waitress was ass trash water. Literally. She sucked sooo hard, I gave her exact change on the bill, no tip. Dana gave her all of 63 cents, that was waaayy too much for her. Yea, that bad. I will never go to Jakes Diner again.

Anywhoooo, The night after we headed to the club. Downed a four loko in about 5 mins, and had two shots inside. I wish i remembered some details but… you know how that goes.

Husband and Wife. I love my Meg

Raymond and Robert

didnt take many pictures because i forgot Francois was in my pocket. (slaps forehead) By the end of the night I looked like death warmed up, so disregard this pic please..

oh yea we found this guy on the sidewalk asleep at Cookout, I should’ve woke him up and high fived him.

this guy obviously knows how to partay.

The day after we pregamed at Puzzles house with Chad, Lance, and a late Omar. And yet again I forgot my camera. This time in chads slutty ass car.

and that was the ONLY pic i took that night… im ashamed. I had on pocketless harem pants, and just this polka dot shirt. I would’ve held my camera all night, but i was too ____ to make that decision. augh! I looked brilliant too. UGGGHHH. ok, ok on we go.

Next, was a chill day. No pics. Nothing special. That party took a lot outta me.

Then it was the Couture Alumni Meet and Greet on Sunday. I was soo excited to see old members! There were babies, Bojangles, and bra straps. I loved it. Besides the man eating gnats that were EVERYWHERE. There were thousands of them, and they fly sooo sloooowww ugh i hated them, i hate them.

Brother Marcus, Sister Dana James, and I Whatshisface

Marcus and the Dana’s

Old and New Couture.

After most dispersed, the current members of couture had a looong talk about any and everything, or at least 2 hours, time flew by. Then some of us got together at one of the Dana’s house and ended homecoming with a bang. Never a better way to wrap up a long week of drinking and partying than with more drinking. Amen.

Overall i had a damn swell homecoming. Met some interesting people and got drunk off my rocker. The term GHOE (greatest homecoming on earth) might have been lived up to. Meanwhile im sitting in my dorm craving some tacos and listening to dubstep as my ADHD sets in.


until next time.


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2 Responses to #GHOE

  1. Franky says:

    I LOVE IT!!!! =)

  2. Marcus says:

    DEF the GHOE! Nuff said….I still owe you a Thrifty A$$ Kickin for not seeing you AT ALL on Saturday…….*side eye* + *smurk* hahahahahha!!!

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