So yesterday was my old high schools homecoming. And that was when I realized how old I’m getting. Seriously, I feel like i was JUST a 9th grader, now I’m in college. SHIT! Now that I’m officially alumni I had to go to my first alumni game, it was literally -450°F but knowing me I did not dress for the weather. When I was in school, the varsity football team sucked beyond comparison. We didnt win ONE GAME until my senior year. Now that our class left, they wanna go undefeated, aint that some shit?! p.s we won 35-14

While out thrifting one day, i came across this amazing trench, I literally sang as i put it on. I’m probably gonna have it altered to fit better but I thought a belt would do for the day. I went for a more simple look compared to my usual game day outfits, I’m getting too old to wear a whole buncha dumb shit and calling it my style, simplicity speaks volumes.

Out: Khaki Trench: Thrift / White Crew Neck: Express / Jeans: Hot Topic / Loafers: Cole Haan / Fedora: H&M / Jewelry: Etsy + Thrift / Belt: Thrift


About seanlamont

18 ans. homme fatale.
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