The Love Child

Today was a a nice fall day, slightly warm and windy. Just how i like it. I was listening to new Kanye and looking at old pics of Andy Warhol (one of my favorite pass times) and thought I’d be their love child. (i have a sick imagination btw). As usual i struggled between black or color, and guess who won. As usual. But i tried to but some color into it, if grey counts. I swear today had some of the best lighting I’ve taken pics in a looong time, Francois didnt even blur, much.


Out: Sheer Black Button Up – Urban Outfitters / Acid Wash Jeans – HotTopic / Pendant – Zara / Bleached Pocket Square – D.I.Y / Shades – Urban Outfitters / Nappy Hair – Genetics

Today must’ve been a good day for others as well, everybody I ran into looked amazing as well, luckily I had Francois with me and snapped a few folks.





Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. Andy Warhol


About seanlamont

18 ans. homme fatale.
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2 Responses to The Love Child

  1. Franky says:

    The on campus fashion, keep it up because no one is doing it at A&T.

  2. V.Ramon says:

    OMG i hate you for posting that lol
    i looked horrible

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