Last week/weekend was pretty eventful to say the least. (hence the low postagesness) It was verrry spontaneous yet entertaining. I managed to snap some pics and all that good doobly doo.

these oxfords are my new obsession, and they were only $5! win.

The weather tricked most that day, it was about 50 degrees in the morning so everybody had full length trench coats and boots with the fur but not I. The forecast read 70 so I opted to dress exactly for that. Lucky me, in about ten minutes the sun shawammed on everyone and I was nice and prepared.


Oh yea.. we (Meg and I) bought Wiz Khalifa and Big Krit concert tickets the day of and booked it up to Winston Salem and enjoyed our time with the screaming stoners whilst taking crappy pictures.

Told you they were crappy… I couldn’t scream all the lyrics AND take nice quality pics so something had to give. I promise I didnt think Wiz could put on a better concert, we thought we were at Woodstock circa 1999. Yeeeeaaa Bitch.

Oh yea, then I went on a shopping trip in Pennsylvania that was planned the day of. Tis was great. Picked up literally a few pieces; I’ve been getting more and more selective with the articles of clothing that I buy now, cant just go all willy nilly and but up a whole store then end up never wearing anything. Thats why I wear certain things a lot, buy what you love folks.

The Out:

Day 1

Shirt: D.I.Y x Stafford Collarless Button Up

Necklaces: Good Wood Dagger Necklace / Forever 21 Feather Necklace / Zara Black Pendant

Lace Vest: Dunhill


Day 2

Sweater: Thrift

Polka Dot Button Up: Thrift

Black Jeans: Cheap Monday

Oxfords: Thrift

Wayfarers: Zumies



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