Cut It Out!

Today I woke up in a complete whirlwind, thought it was Wednesday and missed my 9:30. (which i really needed to go to). Now imma produce a doctors note or something to make up work i missed. AUGH.

In the mist of the debacle I wanted to wear one of my leather jackets. My favorite one is STILL in Charlotte so i was subjected to this heinous large collared hot of a jacket. I refused. So I got my trusty exacto knife and fabric shears and went to sleep work. Snipped the complete bottom, and collar to make it smaller and a more modern motor cycle style jacket. Then cut out two asymmetrical squares from the front.

I’m completely obsessed with triangles, so i cut two into the back for fanciness. Yes, fanciness.

The Out:

Leather Bomber: D.I.Y x Thrift / Black Crew Neck Shirt: Express / Black Jeans: Pac Sun / Plaid Flannel: Arizona / Gold Bamboo Necklace: Gift / Bag: Grandmother’s Closet / Fedora: Express / Leather Bracelet: Calvin Klein / Gold & Black Bracelet: D.I.Y x Timex / Black Oxfords: Vintage Bass


About seanlamont

18 ans. homme fatale.
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