New Flava In Ya Ear

I completely SLEEEPT on M.i.A’s recent album M A Y A… I can NOT stop listening to it. But I didnt wanna bore you with more style posts today so I’m going to leave you with the song I’ve been violently pelvic thrusting to every morning in my undies for the past few days. Enjoyyy

If you met me, then you’d get me,
But if you get me, well you get a fee.



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Cut It Out!

Today I woke up in a complete whirlwind, thought it was Wednesday and missed my 9:30. (which i really needed to go to). Now imma produce a doctors note or something to make up work i missed. AUGH.

In the mist of the debacle I wanted to wear one of my leather jackets. My favorite one is STILL in Charlotte so i was subjected to this heinous large collared hot of a jacket. I refused. So I got my trusty exacto knife and fabric shears and went to sleep work. Snipped the complete bottom, and collar to make it smaller and a more modern motor cycle style jacket. Then cut out two asymmetrical squares from the front.

I’m completely obsessed with triangles, so i cut two into the back for fanciness. Yes, fanciness.

The Out:

Leather Bomber: D.I.Y x Thrift / Black Crew Neck Shirt: Express / Black Jeans: Pac Sun / Plaid Flannel: Arizona / Gold Bamboo Necklace: Gift / Bag: Grandmother’s Closet / Fedora: Express / Leather Bracelet: Calvin Klein / Gold & Black Bracelet: D.I.Y x Timex / Black Oxfords: Vintage Bass

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Sword Fight



The Out:

Teal Jeans: Hot Topic

Vintage Justin Boots: Goodwill

Viscous Khaki Tank: American Apparel

Two Finger Sword Ring: Sisters Accessories

Plaid Flannel: Goodwill

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Last week/weekend was pretty eventful to say the least. (hence the low postagesness) It was verrry spontaneous yet entertaining. I managed to snap some pics and all that good doobly doo.

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Just came from lunch with a good friend and thought I’d put Francois to work.

This is Christa, and I love her.

Her style is timeless, and effortless… like all style should be. Take notes.

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This was the perfect Fall day for me… Cool enough to layer but warm enough to do it comfortably. Amen.

Me and my ace De La Meg went for a shopping trip and snapped a couple pics in her back yard before. The lighting and foliage are impeccable. Nothing beats a good pic with trees in the background, so cliche’ but necessary none the less.

The Out:

Black Smoking Jacket: Thrift

Grey Crew Neck: Express x D.I.Y

Stone Washed Jeans: HotTopic

Shoes: Converse

Beanie: Urban Outfitters

Necklaces: Thrift x Etsy


I’ve really been trying to tap into the simplistic style of dress, sometimes minimalism is’nt as bland as it seems. Looking forward to more looks like this.

p.s. check out Meg’s tumblr of dopeness here.

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Always Act A Fool Ow, Ow

I know I know.. shame on me for leaving poor Francois in Charlotte while i had a hell of a week in Greensboringo. I just got him back from the rendezvous for Chad, Tahj, and Lance’s birthday weekend shin dig. I was slightly too inebriated to take proper photos but here’s what I managed to scrounger up while I was away.

We kicked off the birthday celebration with an all black affair at Mez Lounge… Nice decor, decent food, outrageously high prices, TERRIBLE SERVICE… Literally, I will NEVER go within 500ft. of that rude ass restaurant again.

Everything was $24 but tasted like $12. The manager was rude and back talking the birthday guest. We were over it.. So it def called for cold drinks, and ratchet music.

birthday cake

birthday boys

heaven in the form of a chocolate fountain.

because the punch was deadly

after the several drinks and shots we proceeded to the club to dance our entire faces off and crash till the mid afternoon. the end

p.s I just realized there isn’t ONE pic of me in this… damnitall

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